Sunday, April 17, 2011


The Beer Bros, Brian & Dan

To the first post of the Brew Brothers blog. Dan and Brian are the brewers here. So far here's what they've brewed:

Cherry Wheat - used cherry puree as well as extract.
~~Thoughts: Not too bad for a first brew. The extract clouded the beer a lot. Dan thinks it added too much cherry flavor. Brian says it gets him buzzed but agrees on the extract. After some thought we've concluded that we used too much extract - the entire bottle was for 5 gallons. However the cherry puree was added in a 2ndary ferment, so some of the quantity of brew was lost there - and the sediment of the 2ndary ferment also caused another loss of liquid, so too much cherry was added. Next time we try this brew we'll use less - if any extract. Recipe used will be posted under a separate post.

Wheat beer - metallic flavor, not sure if its from the pot used or the hops. It tends to be very hoppy, not necessarily a good thing. Recipe to follow along with tasting notes.

Ideally we'll be posting the recipe used to brew, the results along with tasting notes. Beer Bros are looking to find their own signature brew, something thats easy going and flavor filled. Join them in their homebrewing fun!