Sunday, May 1, 2011

American Wheat

A simple recipe recommended by Rocky Mountain Brewery aka Wine Crafters, a local home brew store.

7.0 LME wheat
.5 grain Belgian aromatic malt
.5 grain German Vienna malt
1.0 yeast safe ale S-04
1.0 muslin bag - hop
1.o Willamette hop pellets 1 oz

Clean and sterilize all brewing equimepnt except for bottle and caps which will be done later.

steep grain like making tea
once everything is clean start by taking your yeast out of the refrigerator to let warm to room temperature. Now add 2.5 gallons of water to your stock pot and heat DON'T BOIL. Put grains into the grain bag and tie very loose, fiving the grains pleanty of room to expand. Then put the bag into the heated (not boiling - 155F should be about right) water. Let 'steep' for thirty minutes and then remove grain bag.

Now remove pan from the heat. Stir in your malt extract (syrup in the bucket or can). Once the extract is dissolved, put the pan back on the heat. Bring to a rolling boil, watch very carefully and stir slowly to avoid a boil over. Once you get it to a nice rolling boil start the clock (60 min) and follow the following 'hops schedule'
add 1 oz willamette for 60 minutes

Remove from heat and start the cooling process. Fill your sink part wfull with the coldest water (pre chill some water if possible) availble and set the pan in it to cool the liquid (which is called wort). Repeat until it is cooled down below 80F.

now add 2 gallons of cold water to your primary fermenter and begin ladling the contents of the wort in also. Ladling will help to further cool the wort as you add it slowly to the cold water.

then top off to 5 gallons with cold water and mix vigoriusly. Take hydrometer reading at this point.

now that your wort is cooled down to room temp and the yeast has warmed up to room temp you can now add the yeast and stir vigorously.

fill your air lock half way with water and set in place once the lid or stopper is sealed air tight on your fermenter.

Fermentation should start within a few hours and finish in 2-5 days. Leave in the primary for 7 days

once it has set for the 7 days then its is time to 'rack it' or transfer it to the secondary fermenter.

now this will set for another 7 days. this is the clarifying stage

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